majedphotos.comI have a firm conviction that everything in this world is here for very specific reasons. I believe strongly there are actually reasons for absolutely everything we encounter in this life and on this awesome planet.

I was born a Muslim. That is one thing. I was raised in an Islamic country, Kuwait but was actually educated in an English school. This has given me many influences I might have not been able to cite as a part of my education, in its broadest sense without that experience.

As a consequence of this and many other things, I have met and mingled with all kinds of people from very different backgrounds and belief systems. These amazing people have brought different influences with them from around the world.  I was educated by these encounters with exponents of different faiths, and I realized my own journey was yet to be completed. There was much to accomplish if I was ever to have any hope of knowing myself.

I asked myself, where am I going? What am I doing? These questions were fundamental to my education if I was ever going to hope to discover my true self. Who is the real Abdullah I wondered? I asked many people including my parents (may Allah protect them) but I found it was the Qaran that answered many of my questions. The Noble Qaran, when approached with an open heart will answer all of the questions that underpin this existence. I am a Muslim, I am on a profound journey to further understanding and finding the place in the world where I can be of most use. On these pages you will begin to understand a little of what motivates me, my philosophy and a little of what I think and feel.


Abdullah Al Saleh