1. Development Projects


On the development projects I have been to Darfur, Togo, Burkino-Faso, Niger, Mali, Uganda , Yemen and Jaza.

Basically the development projects are divided between aid and entreperneurial and micro finance projects. Since 2009 I have been heavily involved with all these aspects.

I feel I am making a change and people are being inspired by others coming from richer countries to help. There is no discrimination just a desire to help.
2. My Free Tea

MY FREE TEA logoThis  is a volunteer organization  set up in 2011. It represents youth communities, as well as student unions, and development programmes.  Our outreach plans include serving free tea to the public. My free tea as a concept provides free tea and biscuits to the people in public places as an act of doing good.

We have been working together with councils, charity organizations, and religious groups. The simple act of sharing tea with people facilitates interactions, conversations and a portal through which powerful connections can be made.  It is a simple but effective strategy that I love.
3. Zukhruf media and advertising agency

ZukrufIn 2008, I founded Zukhruf in Kuwait, for the purposes of developing the NGO’s media materials. The agency is profit based, however all profits are dedicated to charitable projects managed by Al Najat charitable society.

Please visit Zukhruf.net for more information.