When the THANKS Initiative came to fruition late 2013 it was a wonderful day. I was so excited as it will be a force for good. That is a real driving force for me. After all I believe very strongly in philanthropy. My reason for being is quite plain: I want to give. I believe passionately in the possibilities for good in this world. I want to see everyone give THANKS for what they have. It is such an awesome world we inhabit, in so many spectacular ways, and we should give THANKS for it.


I believe the philosophy behind the THANKS Initiative is very pure and quite straightforward. We all believe, beneath everything, that the world could and really should be a better place. We all obsess about our health but do we obsess about the world’s health in every respect? If we join together we can change so much. Throw open a problem to an online community and a problem that has stumped experts for fifteen years is solved in as many days. These online communities are powerful and can add momentum. So if we join together to pledge positive contribution together as a team we can make a real difference. When we actually put ourselves second and think about we rather than just me this is the beginning. When we work together we learn what really is of true value.


We can be afraid of change or we can embrace it. We need to harness all the incredible technological developments and use them to do good. There are some fundamental foundation blocks upon which our world should build upon. Peace, harmony and love will take us a very long way. For those three things alone we should all give THANKS.


Gradually we are coming to the conclusion that resources are finite and this world is much smaller than we once thought it was. We have seen forecasts of impending disaster. We can divert these by working together, wanting less, giving THANKS for what we have. As a world family we will survive and even prosper when we each hold out a helping hand. We just need to help one.


2014 will be just the first year where we all stand under one banner and give THANKS. Together we can fill this world with friendship, support and love. With just one step we can join together and change the whole planer.


Join THANKS Initiative right now and tell the world – ThanksInitiative.com


Chairman Abdullah Al Saleh